Resumes – How to Showcase your Portfolio

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I will go out on a limb and tell you that I’ve conducted numerous interviews in various capacities for several job posts, within the organizations that I have worked in, and outside, for my own business ventures as well. And the best part of the entire deal is that the resume is so different from the person you interview. There are various reasons for that, lets elaborate on the top three:

1. The resumes are spotty and do not contain enough data while the person is far more brilliant than that.

2. The resume contains a cartload of mish mesh and when you incidentally call the person in for an interview, you realize what a mistake that is.

3. Either the resume or the person lie to you, on the face (and believe me, they are so easy to catch!).

Think over each of these reasons, have you ever been caught lying on your resume or during an interview, or have you showcased entirely too much on your resume thinking SOMETHING might impress the HR folks? Or you try to be extremely modest and leave out important details? Well, resumes are actually masterpieces of art, and difficult to conjure, and a lot of people actually do not get it right (believe me, even I haven’t yet).

These guidelines should help:

1. No pictures please, I really dont need to see that professionally done, happy, smiling picture of yours. I will glance at it, hmm at it, and pass on to check your credentials.

2. Your credentials are extremely important, that means your education, your jobs, your extra curricular, work related activities (you maintain a technology blog? or conduct marketing activities for free for an organization? Mention all of that)

3. But not ALL credentials are important, that doesn’t mean you wasted your time, that just means that the job you’re applying for, doesn’t need all the extras. So, when you send all such extras, the credentials extremely relevant to the job post, actually get buried under all the junk you mentioned. AND, that means, I don’t really know if you’re capable enough for the job.

4. Extra curricular activities are important just as much as your credentials, but extra details are not, like you’re single, or your birthdate, or your “will furnish references upon request”. So, lets cut them loose okay?

5. There is no right format or approach but a large number of employers generally go by your profile (avoid that “objective” it is so redundant!), then your work history with your achievements (no job descriptions please unless you work a really unique, complicated and unknown job post), then your education, and finally a little polish with your extra skills, activities and interests.

It is no rocket science to get your resume to get you interviews, but the right approach to your resume to showcase you as a perfect fit for the job and the correct interviewing skills will definitely help you go a long way.

Best of luck!

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