5 Women Inclusiveness Initiatives that will Improve your Workplace Culture

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Working Women are now an essential part of the Workforce Globally. Making it important for Lawmakers, Human Resource Professionals and Organizations to make amendments to their Policies, Corporate Culture and Protocols.
The importance of ensuring Women inclusiveness initiatives is vital for a company’s survival. With limited resources available in the market for employment it is now pertinent for employers to revisit their Organizational Strategies and Push their Leaders to think along the lines of Diversity & Inclusion. Wipro, E&Y, P&G, Unilever are all global names that are changing the way they do business just so that they can employ more talented females who are currently home-makers.

It is extremely important that Decision Makers & Leaders within an Organization understand that Diversity and Inclusiveness is not a one off initiative. It loses its impact if its considered as a one time activity and also kills any hope for a later revival of these principles in the workplace. Consistent Communication and Decision Making according to principles laid down for ensuring Women Inclusiveness, have to be made.

Here are Five programs and initiatives your company can take to make a Healthy Corporate Culture and help to achieve Organizational Success.

  1. Reinforcement at all levels. Diversity and Inclusiveness is effective when the same message is communicated to everyone across the board by everyone in the company.
  2. Zero Tolerance for harassment at Workplace. Never keep an accused harasser/abuser on the job – no matter how great are his billables. He’s/She’s a sinking ship and would not just demotivate the employee whose been a victim but also others at the workplace who see crime go unpunished.
  3. Flexible Working Hours & Evaluation. More and more organizations realize that the flexibility in work hours and styles helps improve productivity and quality of work that is being put in by employees. As long as the work produced has greta quality and meets deadline – working hours etc can be items that can be managed otherwise.
  4. Career Coach/Mentor within the company. Innovate a culture of mentorship in your workplace. Career Mentors and Coaches can be identified internally and then giving Employees access to them to approach and discuss their day to day issues as well as helping them to make life changing decisions will create an environment that is friendly, constructive and responsive.
  5. An Engaging Women’s Network & Men’s Network at the workplace: Organizations can improve their communication internally through Creating a separate network for Men and Women in your workforce where they can come in and talk about improvements at workplace, their personal lives and productivity related topics. This can be platform to regularly run workshops that coach and counsel people on inclusiveness, professional ethics and organization’s goals.

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