About Us

Mushawar Consulting was launched in 2013 on the premise that organizations are always on a lookout for better human resources to manage their tasks and projects better. Sometimes, it is difficult to find such resources who are keen on exploring issues within business processes, and who would rather follow the status quo and continue to finish the tasks assigned to them. Mushawar Consulting, therefore, works with organizations to find the right people, to work on the right processes, and use the right technology tools as enablers, to help companies to grow bigger and better! 

Mushawar – In Persian and Urdu, means Guide, one who gives advice. Mushawar Consulting is a unique, full spectrum consulting firm that focuses on key services that help organizations to focus on self-improvement. Our range of services includes Information Technology Solutions to Business Planning, Corporate Strategy, and Budgeting, Project Management, and Business Process Redesign.

For smaller businesses, we have a unique proposition, called Business Box. It is a subscription based model where a team works with you to cater to your specific business needs - you can choose from any box, including Marketing, Business Development, HR, Accounting and Full-Service Business boxes.