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Are Humans A Resource? HR Department Woes

Human Resource Departments have a bad reputation. They just never seem to be able to do their job. But what exactly is their job?

HR Departments normally in smaller organizations tend to focus on recruitment and then operations since their strength and the amount of work dictates as such. In larger organizations, with more developed operations, core HR functions come into play as well, say learning and development, performance evaluations, succession planning, and such.

However, people leave. Retention ratios go down, demotivation increases. There is clearly a problem. Even in smaller organizations where workforce is limited such problems exist. Why is that so?

Because Humans are Just Resources!

Because we are keeping all these employees, and treating them like furniture. Someone or something that serves a specific purpose. Just like a chair serves the purpose, similarly, the employee serves a specific purpose. We as their employers, their managers, supervisors and leaders, do not consider them as more than a functional resource that serves a particular objective.

Since humans are more complex creatures, they require a more intricate mechanism by which they are retained and motivated within organizations. Monetary benefits and compensation structures can only do so much in motivating employees to perform.

From non monetary benefits, acknowledgement, appreciation, fairness in grading and hierarchy structures, non biased compensation plans, all work towards improving the retention ratios within organizations. Effective career plans and succession planning, also promote employees to look forward to a better future within an organization.

Startups, small and medium enterprises, generally do not have the leverage to hire extensively trained and experienced personnel who can perform these activities within these enterprises.

In such cases, Mushawar Consulting offers complete HR outsourcing facilities taking the entire HR operation under their wing based on a service fee that works in the benefit of the Startup/SME. We work from recruitment services to Employee management, career counseling, grievance management, to end of service exit interviews, performance evaluations and feedback as well.

As part of our consulting, we also offer other areas of HR services in establishing HR setups and re-configuring existing structures where necessary within the organization.

If you are considering outsourcing or wondering how to handle HR yourself, we can help you! Give us a call on +92-332-242-8181 or drop us an email:noorjehan.arif@mushawar.com and we will be more than happy to help!

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