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Are You a Startup? Do You Have a Mentor? You Need One!

We all have numerous ideas that we would like to put into execution. However, business ideas do not normally come to fruition that easily. A lot of effort and hard work goes into setting up and running businesses. Startups give you goosebumps and keep you pumped, but a couple of wrong steps means losses beyond recognition, and above all, perhaps losing the opportunity as well!

It also happens that most of us are not savvy with all the nitty gritty that a business requires during setup, and sometimes, we need advice that only an objective eye can provide. Most of all, the right business mentors can help with reaching certain milestones in a startup, through identifying the right tools and opportunities!

I hope I have convinced you enough that a mentor is a necessity in your startup. Let me now help you find one too:

Search Successful People In Your Network:

Look for people who are successful in your network. People who have set up their own businesses, have been in the industry for long, have had some success story that they can refer to when they talk to you. Hunt such people in your network. But remember, only one person is not enough to teach you everything that you need to know. In most cases, we all need more than a couple of people to learn all the intricacies of business from.

Reach Out to These People:

Once you’ve figured out the potential mentors, reach out to these people in the best way possible. Email and phone call to take them out for lunch is most likely not going to work. You would need a proper plan of action as to WHY you need a mentor for yourself. Maybe you need legal advice, or perhaps advice on how to run your team better? Give your mentor a solid plan of why you need their help and if they could take their time out to mentor you. Allow them to answer you and then you can proceed to the third step.

Establish Your Final Destination:

You can only reach success during mentoring sessions if you plan your destination according to it. Your success framework needs to be decided properly. If you’re serious about being mentored, then establish a regular pattern to meet and discuss your issues. Plan your time and meetings according to it otherwise, your mentoring relationship for your startup will end up in failure!

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