Considering Cloud Options for Your ERP

Are You Considering Cloud Options For Your ERP?

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The new buzz lately is everything is now on the Cloud. What exactly is this cloud and how does it even work? Then there’s this buzz about ERP solutions being available on the cloud. That makes it even more technologically challenging to understand!

With rapid changes in technology and advancements in hardware, large, clunky software options, managed in-house are becoming an obsolete idea. To cater to these rapid fire advancements, companies have come up with options by which you can subscribe to a service which runs your ERP. These are called Software As A Service, or SaaS, and you can sign up your users there to use the ERP as a service.

Many such companies have come up with these SaaS or cloud based options where you do not need to invest in complete server setups at your end, or invest heavily in hardware procurement as well as its maintenance.

There are numerous such cloud based options for ERP available in the market now, and each has their own set of features and advantages. A few of the most used, and most popular ones include Odoo (Previously known as OpenERP), Microsoft Dynamics AX 7 (or its supercharged cousin, Microsoft Dynamics 365), and NetSuite.

There are several of such options out there, with each one providing different set of benefits and feature sets that can be advantageous to companies. But the best ideology behind cloud based ERP solutions such as the ones above, include advantages beyond simply the feature sets of the ERP itself. From accessibility online on any device, to reporting available at your finger tips (on your phone, tablet or your computer), anywhere in the world; to low cost subscription based models, and from zero infrastructure management, to simple sign up options, cloud based ERP solutions are changing the entire outlook of how organizations will manage their data and automate their processes.

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