How To Create Great Job Ads That Will Help You To Attract The Right Talent

How to Attract Great Talent with Creative Job Advertisement

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As Recruiters it is extremely important for us to get the Job advertisements right each and everytime. It takes the right job advertisement, with the right content, posted for the right audience on the right platforms to get you Solid Candidates.

When i worked as a Talent Acquisition Specialist for ICT firms sometimes i got detailed job descriptions to use for my job advertisements. But more then often i would find myself and my team struggling to get anything apart from job title or Technical Skills Required on the job, from the respective Hiring Manager.

Now as a Head Hunter running my own Talent Acquisition division, when i work with clients, some clients would give us great briefs before initiating any Recruitment thread, while others may either be hesitant, over occupied or simply don’t know what they are looking for.

It makes our job difficult when a Hiring Manager does not know what he’s looking for and closing these threads may almost always seem impossible. Sourcing and shortlisting for these threads is even more difficult. With years of working in the ICT sector and repeatedly closing similar positions, i now have some previous expertise in coming up with the parameters for such jobs otherwise we always request for thorough descriptions from clients.

Job Advertisements’ Factcheck:

To source, advertise and attract candidates to apply for jobs which otherwise seem impossible to fill you have to get some facts right. I would never compromise on these:

  • Wether its a Project Based Position or a Permanent Position?
  • Where would the position be based?
  • What kind of exposure and growth does this role promise?
  • The outcomes the candidate is expected to achieve/role of the candidate within the organization?
  • Are there any additional perks/benefits?
  • The basic tools/skills required for this job?

If you notice the above questions, they emphasize more on:

  • Location:

    Candidates want to know if theres a possibility of being relocated to perhaps an international destination, or perhaps another state/province/city that has promising opportunities to grow. Candidates want to be employed in a company that may offer any of the previous two opportunities later in the future. This means that if the job is for a branch office for a global company – it is still motivating for Candidates to apply for this position. Where as some candidates would like to stay put because of family reasons. Job location and the Company’s Head Office location are always important items to be mentioned on the job advertisement for e.g:

“A UK based company is looking for Software Engineers for their Karachi Based Office. “

The UK based company attracts immediate attention from candidates and they are more motivated to apply for the position.

  • Honestly laying out the Facts about the Job: 

    For me its important to be honest to my candidates. I would not say something that the company or the Job does not offer. Attracting candidates on the premise of something else and then showing them a different set of requirements will almost always result in higher rates of failure when it comes down to shortlisting. So don’t say it its not promised, don’t lie. It will help you source candidates who are aware of whats being promised and are genuinely interested in the opportunity. This way when you make the first screening call, most candidates would have positive answers to your requirements.

  • Permanent or Contractual Jobs:

    Candidates should always be told if its a contractual position or a project based position in the job advertisement. If its a permanent position you may skip that information; however i feel its always best to mention if its a contractual or project based position. This way candidates who are aware of the short term employability for the job will apply if they are interested. Most permanent job holders would not be coaxed into leaving permanent employment for contractual or project based positions.

Recruiters who hire candidates for positions that are project based but never tell them this information should re-think their strategy. As recruiters we should remember we have clients at both ends of the table. The Candidates who apply may be your future referrals to employers, potential clients for job placements and also your biggest Marketing tool: Word of Mouth.

  • What are the minimum requirements for someone to be successful on this job:

    If there are skills, technical or softer that are required for the position without which candidates will not be considered for the position. Then these should be included in your job advert. People want to know and should know what are the minimum skills that they need to be successful for a job that they apply for. If its something they can handle or want to work with or not. For instance if any Certifications or Qualifications are requirements for the job they need to be on the job advertisement.

You cannot leave out this information because in case of the absence of this information, candidates who apply may not fit the bill and your shortlisting will take longer. Your screening will always be easier when candidates have read the minimum requirements for the position. However this does not mean you will not get irrelevant resumes for your positions. Because some people are just dreamers, right?

  • What Growth/Exposure does this position offer to candidates?

    Candidates love knowing that a potential vacancy that they may apply to will offer them better prospects. Better Exposure, Global frameworks, the promise of travel, training and personal development opportunities and ability to lead teams are some of the keywords that recruiters use to attract candidates.

We may promise the world to a candidate by creative content writing but is it all false? I would always suggest to not lie but to find out the positive aspects of a position and the company offering the position and then use compelling words to advertise them in your job advertisement.

  • Any great perks/benefits:

    Good perks and benefits are attractive to candidates. If there are any unique compensation and benefit plans associated with a job its best to advertise them. Also, If there are any restraints such as a budget for a job then its best to advertise them too. When you keep getting profiles that do not fit your budget no matter how great they are – you cannot hire them and they are practically useless for you.

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