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Top Ten Ways of Running Effective Meetings

Leading Successful & Effective meetings that lead to successful outcomes or outcomes at all is an art. It’s a discipline that is only learnt with time and followed by attendees when the leader or the chairing person in the meeting advocates it. Here are Ten constructive ways through which you […]

5 Women Inclusiveness Initiatives that will Improve your Workplace Culture

Working Women are now an essential part of the Workforce Globally. Making it important for Lawmakers, Human Resource Professionals and Organizations to make amendments to their Policies, Corporate Culture and Protocols. The importance of ensuring Women inclusiveness initiatives is vital for a company’s survival. With limited resources available in the […]

Ten Tips to Make Employee Retention Work!

Ever wondered what makes an employee Leave a company or a job? Yes. Then you’ve got the wrong perspective of dealing with Employee Retention. What you need to do and what you really need to know is how to make an employee stay on a job or with a company. […]

If you Love yourself, You will learn to love your Failures too.

Self Evaluation is a process whereby you see yourself for who you are and aim to identify your own shortcomings. This is by far the most difficult step a person may take but also the most important milestone in the road of self-discovery. To see what mistakes one has made, to […]

Writing Great Job Ads

How to Attract Great Talent with Creative Job Advertisement

As Recruiters it is extremely important for us to get the Job advertisements right each and everytime. It takes the right job advertisement, with the right content, posted for the right audience on the right platforms to get you Solid Candidates. When i worked as a Talent Acquisition Specialist for […]

Role of HR in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Over the years when you work in a certain industry and in a certain position, you inadvertently accumulate experience, knowledge and learning. This is the wealth you accumulate sometimes without even trying – however, like all other assets, you have a choice how to spend it, invest it or ignore […]

The Evolution of a Simple Resume to the Digital Persona – From a Recruiter’s Perspective

For years now resumes and cover letters were means to applying for a job – whether you sent a hard copy or eventually you applied through email with a word/PDF document. The format of that perfect Resume for most still remains elusive but it was a tool to bag the […]

5 Simple Steps for Finding your Career Direction & Focus

Earlier, on one of my blog posts a good colleague shared with me what he felt about the information that industry experts are sharing online. He Said, “I would like to take this opportunity to communicate one thing. We see a tons of articles, blog posts etc. on self improvement, […]

How to Upgrade your Resume

Using the right tools to get in touch with the right opportunity and at the right time is crucial to landing a job. However, a lot of times applicants make basic mistakes in their Resume that they share with recruiters and then do not get called in for interviews. Heres a […]

Power Formula for your Entrepreneurial Success!

You need guts and you need courage to showcase an idea, YOUR idea to the world. However, once you are past the fear – your conviction will determine how successfully you are able to enact that idea and project results. While working closely with the top CEOs and Entrepreneurs in […]