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Change Management Process Orientation

Change Management And Process Orientation In Businesses

Process orientation is not a new concept in organizations and in the business world. Aligning the organization towards process orientation can help in numerous ways, from removing people dependency to aligning turnaround times, and developing standard procedures.  With process orientation, organizations can be more focused towards core business. However, the […]

Ecommerce Strategy with CRM

5 Ways to Build Kick-ass eCommerce Strategy With CRM

Building Your eCommerce Strategy With CRM In the digital economy of today, eCommerce has evolved to play a key role in sales for organizations, both big and small. Digital or click only malls, marketplaces and portals are increasingly popular and people are utilizing their purchasing power to buy things off the […]

5 lessons about Failed Entrepreneurial Ventures

5 Harsh Lessons From Failed Entrepreneurial Ventures

Every day, we see new startups pop up. Some survive, but most of them fail. We hear stories of successes, and we hear stories of failed entrepreneurial ventures. What we don’t hear is the similarities and the lessons that these successes and failures share. In fact, amongst all the failed […]

What Is Social CRM. Different From Traditional CRM. What are Benefits of Social CRM

What Is Social CRM, Is It Different From Traditional CRM?

We have written quite a bit about CRM and their capabilities and various benefits you gain from using a CRM. But, in the modern world, the difference is that organizations have moved away from traditional CRM to Social CRM Solutions. What is Social CRM anyway? Understanding What is Social CRM […]

Business Reengineering trends for 2017 . Trends in 2017 with respect to organizational transformation and business reengineering.

Business Reengineering Trends for 2017

Like everything else, business reengineering trends have evolved as well. When Peter Drucker put forward his framework for the radical redesign, he probably did not realize the sudden mindset evolution. He also perhaps didn’t realize how this concept would be so popular in today’s digital age. With the infusion of […]

ERP Implementations Fail, ERP, Enterprise Applications. Project Management, Vendor Selection

5 Reasons why ERP Implementations Fail

The IT industry has seen numerous changes, with respect to the business environment. Due to constant flux in the global arena with respect to business, the ideology behind enterprise applications has also changed. ERP projects are no longer a five-year plan, and project management has evolved to cater to this […]

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5 Tips For Choosing The Right ERP Vendor

Next in the four part series, after, understanding a strategic point of view on identifying the key reasons why an organization should invest in an ERP solution; and choosing the right ERP solution, we will look into selecting the right ERP vendor or implementation partner. While, it is difficult to choose the right […]


4 Selection Criteria for the Right ERP Solution

One of our previous posts indicated a more strategic point of view on identifying the key reasons why an organization should invest in an ERP solution. Now, lets evaluate the key options or selection criteria based on which your company could select the right ERP Solution and which would best fit your […]

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5 Questions to Ask Before Choosing ERP Solutions For Business

In this 4 part series, we will be working towards understanding the decisions that you need to take before choosing an ERP solution, evaluating the need for an ERP solution; how to find the best suited ERP Solution, and the means to choosing the right implementation vendor. Most of the […]

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Top 5 Enterprise Application Trends in IT for 2017

This year has seen numerous changes in the technology landscape with newer and innovative ideas taking shape. Enterprise Applications have seen not only changes but also a paradigm shift, with several concepts like digital media, big data and cloud coming together to revolutionize how people think about enterprise applications. We […]