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5 Critical Ways ERP Systems Help Improve Businesses

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ERP Systems are key to organizational improvement. Many organizations of today have transitioned into implementing ERP systems that have helped with business processes and their redesign. It has also helped organizations to implement better procedures, build ownership in processes, and improve task responsibilities. The right IT Solutions for business can help organizations to take right…
Categories: BPR, Business Reengineering, Business Strategy, Change Management, Enterprise Applications, ERP
Tags: BPR, Business Change Management, Business Process Reengineering, Dynamics AX, Enterprise Resource Planning, ERP, ERP Systems, Microsoft Dynamics AX

Top Ten Ways of Running Effective Meetings

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Leading Successful & Effective meetings that lead to successful outcomes or outcomes at all is an art. It’s a discipline that is only learnt with time and followed by attendees when the leader or the chairing person in the meeting advocates it. Here are Ten constructive ways through which you can Improve your Meetings considerably.…
Categories: Business Acumen, Business Strategy, Career Counseling, Employee Engagement, Executive Coaching
Tags: Effective Meeting Strategies, Effective Meetings, Leading Effective Meetings, Leading Successful Meetings, Running Effective Meetings

5 Women Inclusiveness Initiatives that will Improve your Workplace Culture

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Working Women are now an essential part of the Workforce Globally. Making it important for Lawmakers, Human Resource Professionals and Organizations to make amendments to their Policies, Corporate Culture and Protocols. The importance of ensuring Women inclusiveness initiatives is vital for a company's survival. With limited resources available in the market for employment it is…
Categories: Employee Engagement, HR Outsourcing, Human Resources, Organization Development, Talent Acquisition
Tags: Corporate Culture, Diversity, Diversity & Inclusion, Equal Pay, Equal Rights, Inclusion, Organization Culture, Women Empowerment, Women Inclusion, Women Rights

Change Management And Process Orientation In Businesses

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Process orientation is not a new concept in organizations and in the business world. Aligning the organization towards process orientation can help in numerous ways, from removing people dependency to aligning turnaround times, and developing standard procedures.  With process orientation, organizations can be more focused towards core business. However, the problem arises when change management…
Categories: BPR, Business Reengineering, Business Strategy, Change Management, Continuous Improvement
Tags: BPR, Business Change Management, Business Redesign, Business Reengineering, Change Management, Continuous Improvement, Process Orientation

Ten Tips to Make Employee Retention Work!

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Ever wondered what makes an employee Leave a company or a job? Yes. Then you’ve got the wrong perspective of dealing with Employee Retention. What you need to do and what you really need to know is how to make an employee stay on a job or with a company. Here are my top 10…
Categories: Business Acumen, Business Strategy, Change Management, Employee Engagement, Executive Coaching, Human Resources, Organization Development
Tags: Employee Engagement, Employee Retention, Organization Culture, Organization Development, Retention

If you Love yourself, You will learn to love your Failures too.

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Self Evaluation is a process whereby you see yourself for who you are and aim to identify your own shortcomings. This is by far the most difficult step a person may take but also the most important milestone in the road of self-discovery. To see what mistakes one has made, to face them and then to…
Categories: A Word For The Family, Career Counseling, Executive Coaching, Life Coaching, Relationship Advice, Your Life Coach, Your Spiritual Coach
Tags: Failure, Healthy Self Esteem, High Selfesteem, Low Selfesteem, Self Concept, Self Efficacy, Selfesteem, Societal Norms, Societal Pressures, Society

How to Attract Great Talent with Creative Job Advertisement

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As Recruiters it is extremely important for us to get the Job advertisements right each and everytime. It takes the right job advertisement, with the right content, posted for the right audience on the right platforms to get you Solid Candidates. When i worked as a Talent Acquisition Specialist for ICT firms sometimes i got…
Categories: Business Acumen, Career Counseling, Customer Relationship Management, Human Resources, Job Placement, Recruitment And Selection, Talent Acquisition
Tags: Advertisements, Compelling Job Advert, Employment Contract, Employment Type, Head Hunter, Job Ad, Job Advert, Job Advertisement, Job Application, Job Description, Job Title, Permanent Employment, Powerful Job Ad, Recruiter, Recruitment, Recruitment And Selection, Right Candidates, Talent Acquisition, Talent Recruiter, Writing Job Advert

5 Ways to Build Kick-ass eCommerce Strategy With CRM

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Building Your eCommerce Strategy With CRM In the digital economy of today, eCommerce has evolved to play a key role in sales for organizations, both big and small. Digital or click only malls, marketplaces and portals are increasingly popular and people are utilizing their purchasing power to buy things off the internet that you may perhaps…
Categories: BPR, CRM, Customer Relationship Management, Information Technology, Technology Trends
Tags: CRM, Customer Relationship Management, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Odoo, SalesForce, Social CRM, Traditional CRM

5 Harsh Lessons From Failed Entrepreneurial Ventures

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Every day, we see new startups pop up. Some survive, but most of them fail. We hear stories of successes, and we hear stories of failed entrepreneurial ventures. What we don't hear is the similarities and the lessons that these successes and failures share. In fact, amongst all the failed entrepreneurial ventures across the globe,…
Categories: Business Strategy, Executive Coaching, Small Business
Tags: Entrepreneurship, Executive Coaching, Failure In Startup, Small Business, Startup

What Is Social CRM, Is It Different From Traditional CRM?

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We have written quite a bit about CRM and their capabilities and various benefits you gain from using a CRM. But, in the modern world, the difference is that organizations have moved away from traditional CRM to Social CRM Solutions. What is Social CRM anyway? Understanding What is Social CRM In the internet age, the…
Categories: CRM, Customer Relationship Management
Tags: CRM, Customer Relationship Management, Enterprise Solutions, Information Technology, Social CRM, Traditional CRM
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