5 Business And Process Reengineering Trends You Will See in 2017

Business Reengineering Trends for 2017

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Like everything else, business reengineering trends have evolved as well. When Peter Drucker put forward his framework for the radical redesign, he probably did not realize the sudden mindset evolution. He also perhaps didn’t realize how this concept would be so popular in today’s digital age.

With the infusion of technology in businesses, organizations have come to realize that digital transformation is key to leaner, profitable businesses. We foresee the following top business reengineering trends in 2017, and which perhaps will change how organizations will function in the economic landscape:

Businesses Will Be Bought and Sold

Last ten years have shown a spurt of growth in the business landscape. But, many businesses have failed to survive in 2016, due to various reasons; be they costs, resources, changing buying trends, or simply reduction in buying power. Would you have imagined Staples or Banana Republic to start struggling? The dynamics have shifted, and such businesses are being bought over by companies that have the capacity and capability to run these struggling giants.

Some businesses will take over others; some will merge for better strategic advantages (Microsoft and LinkedIn – the ever popular tech merger deal in 2016), and some will be taken over or simply fizzle out depending on their strengths. The trend, that has been ever popular in 2016, will continue far into 2017 as well.

Businesses Will Become Meaner and Leaner

We have already seen mergers and acquisitions taking place for strategic purposes. But, these merged organizations will survive by becoming mean machines. Unless, costs are reduced, resources are pared down, and inefficiencies are sorted, these businesses may not survive to see the light of day. The choice will inevitably be change management within the organization, to reduce overheads and become leaner. Lean organizations in this costly world will survive, while any businesses who do not understand the ideology of being process oriented, will become obsolete, and die down. The year 2017 is about the survival of the leanest.

Technology, Mainstay of Businesses

Business reengineering trends will be coupled with significant technology innovation. To run a successful company, heavy investment will continue to flow towards efficiencies, and for that, technology investment will continue to be seen. This, in turn, means that tech geniuses will continue to rise with IoT, Enterprise Application, Big Data and Cloud being the mainstay.

Organizations are keen on finding easier, better, leaner ways of doing things. Enterprise applications like Odoo and Microsoft Dynamics 365 are changing the way we envision our clunky ERP solutions. Simple websites like IFTTT are changing the way we think about mobile applications and our appliances. More Businesses will jump on the bandwagon to take advantage of the technology changes that continue to evolve.

Change Consultants Will Rise

The biggest, and by far, the most exciting business reengineering trend, is the rise of, what we like to call, Change Consultants. These consultants are the mainstay on how to run effective businesses, and how to be leaner and more productive as organizations. Mushawar Consulting has worked with numerous such businesses who are inclined to gear up for 2017, but don’t exactly know where to start or are still struggling with their change management options. Change Consultants have significantly revamped the ideology of how organizations should run themselves. We feel this trend will continue to be witnessed in 2017 as well.

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