How Can you Manage Change In Your Organization During Process Improvements

Change Management And Process Orientation In Businesses

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Process orientation is not a new concept in organizations and in the business world. Aligning the organization towards process orientation can help in numerous ways, from removing people dependency to aligning turnaround times, and developing standard procedures.  With process orientation, organizations can be more focused towards core business. However, the problem arises when change management takes a backseat since aligning the organization to processes involves a disruption in current practices.

Organizations, especially management does not want disruption in operations which is what process orientation brings when such projects are initiated. To manage that, research suggests change management exercises regarding process orientation in the following key ways:

  1. Find Key Change Agents In Your Organization: Change management is critical and it is difficult. Therefore, identify core agents within the organization who can function as promoters of change within the organization. When processes are identified, changed and optimized, employees feel that they are being made redundant. They become stringent and protective of what they do and try to avoid taking the first step towards change. Change Agents will work with these employees to work towards better process management, improving the processes, and implementing new and improved procedures for better process orientation within the company.
  2. Identify And Involve Stakeholders: All stakeholders will be impacted with the process orientation focus within the organization. It is key to identify the stakeholders who will be influenced by this change and involve them in this change management exercise. This way, during process redesigns and implementation, stakeholders will have complete visibility on their changing responsibilities. This can also reduce undue resistance towards change.
  3. Emphasize On Importance of Process Orientation: Process orientation can help organizations to redirect their focus on their core deliverables and stakeholders. Organizations that are process oriented are focused on faster delivery, customer focus, and quicker redirection in times of change within the business of economic landscape. When management emphasizes on these core values behind process orientation and why this change is necessary, employees have a better understanding of their role within the organization, and that their roles continue to exist within the company.
  4. Realize Importance of Project Management: Change Management can be conducted more efficiently if project management tools and techniques are employed. Process orientation involves a larger part of the organization to be revamped and redesigned which can be challenging and quite disruptive as well. To manage that, project management plans and tools should be employed, and if required, a specific project manager to be hired who have a more objective view within the organization.

Change management especially with process orientation projects is key to organizational success. Otherwise, disruptive projects such as these can be a breaking point for organization’s growth pattern. Mushawar Consulting has consultants who lead change management projects within organizations. To talk to us and to discuss more on these areas, you can call us on +92-21-3585-3312 or drop us an email on

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