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Don’t be a Workaholic – Smart Work Vs Hard Work!

Hard Work has always paid off irrespective of the profession or the level of employment you are engaged in. In the last 20 – 30 years however the dynamics of competition amongst employees within an organization and the competitiveness of companies against each other has risen to unprecedented levels. This has sparked a relatively new tendency in the lifestyle of career-oriented individuals commonly termed as “workaholics”. It is generally believed that the more you work, the more hours you put in, better are your chances to rise in the organization. This may be true to some extent but not in entirety – People must understand that “Hard work only pays off when its coupled with smart and effective work”.

It is only but natural that workaholics have disturbed personal lives at home, with friends and at sometimes at work too. They burn out early and usually end up with life threatening diseases. The pertinent question is where and how does a person draw a line.

By following a few simple steps mentioned below a person can work hard more effectively yet not become a workaholic.

  1. Put your best foot forward, show up on time at the office, take a lunch break and leave office on time. If you have a tight deadline to follow you must know when to call it a day. Staying over late and burning your mid night oil will not give best of result. When you return the next morning you may not be satisfied with the half of the work you did last night
  2. Workaholics feel spending time with friends, family and a co-worker is a waste of time. This is absolutely wrong. Your family deserves your time and so do your friends. Hours spent with them are actually an investment to your brain health and its relaxation. This will eventually help you think straight and clearly. Take breaks, go for vacation and if possible stay away from your cell phone during your vacation, this is your time do not spoil it.
  3. Plan your day at work, prioritise your “to do” list. Take new assignments after thoroughly inspecting the ongoing projects. It is better to make commitments after knowing what you can deliver efficiently instead of stressing yourself
  4. Celebrate your successes even the small ones. Make friends, family and co workers part of your happiness. Don’t be shy of saying “don’t feel like working today”. There’s a life beyond your office desk
  5. Setting standards is always good but it is not necessary that you look for absolute 100% finesse for every piece of work you do. At times finishing job on time is more critical than going into the nitty gritty.
  6. Develop a routine for work outside your workplace; reading books, gardening, mending home appliances playing with children. But make sure you do not overload yourself again with such activities and/or activities that will cause stress such as use of mobilephones.

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