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Education alongside a Fulltime Career – A Quick Guide to balancing on a tight rope!

As a HR Professional I have has the opportunity to work with Self-Made People. People who have worked on their Personal Development and Professional Career all by themselves. Many of these sponsoring their own Education along with managing a full time career. I myself did it and it was tough but not such as demonized as what a lot of people quote it to be.

So here I am, busting another myth about how education and career cannot go hand in hand.

Increased acceptance and awareness of Executive Education:continuing_education_crop380w

Various Educational Institutions have recognized the need to provide curriculum and programs that enable working professional to enroll themselves into degree programs at universities. Some of these institutions may offer only weekend programs for these Executive Program Students – while other have evening programs available

Employers have also recognized the need to let employees who feel the need for enhancing their academic achievements to enroll in these programs and some have also g

one a step ahead and supported these ambitious employees through financing them. They recognize that a self-starter, who is willing to improve his/her learning through formal education, is a resource that would also improve his/her output at work.

Here are a few quick and simple tricks for you to become an enabler of good fortune in your life – if you want to balance a full time career and education:

  1. Realizing this is what you want to do – Focus & Determination:

Its extremely important to remember that like everything – managing a full time career and education side by side is possible ONLY when you are focused and
etermined. If this is a goal you want to achieve, you will be able to do it. Set your mind and heart both to it.

  1. Be Optimistic

Positive living is the key to successful living. As an individual what do you first see of a situation that is presented to you? Do you easily give up? Do you Easily flare up? Do you become depressed? OR are you quick to see the slightest ray of hope in a situation?

Somehow with time, our Media and Influencers have become aggressive and opinionated and the more flashy, or gory, or traumatizing the news is – the more it sells. Maybe that is one of the many reasons why we have also forgotten how to see the positive side of anything.

Bring out the optimist in you – because your battle is not easy and weighing the negative against the positives is not going to help you win this. Remember to shake yourself up and focus on the positive aspects of your life everyday in order to keep the negativity out of your life routine.

  1. Set Up Realistic Goals

Another way how people pile stress upon stress on themselves and lose hope easily is because they start out on a high note and focus on too many outcomes. Setting up yourself for failure is the worst decision you can do to yourself. You can be a 100% over achiever in something but NOT everything. It’s humanly impossible to be perfect – there is no perfect symmetry. So be kind to yourself and set up sane and achievable goals. Always aim high – but never so high that you constantly put yourself down.

  1. Choose your battles carefullycc6ed4cf67ad36291eea6c351b55d8fb

When you have so much going on another way to ensure that you do not fail and are not overworked is to ensure that you choose your battles carefully.

You cannot be fighiting the world and then your circumstances all at the same time.

Having a supportive network and support circle will always help you achieve better results. Choosing wrong battles to fight at work and at home will lead to demotivation and loneliness.

  1. Be Organized

The only way you can achieve results is when you are organized. With so many focus areas to look after, if your thought process is haywire, you will never see results.

The clearer your wardrobe is, your calendar is well managed, your workplace and filing systems are accurate – the more chances for you to win.

  1. Manage your time Well

The first lesson in being organized is handling your time well. Start Early – End Early. Get your sleep cycle right. Be punctual and value others time and your ow
n time.

  1. Focus on your Health

And the last trick – but the most important one is to remember to look after yourself. Mental, Emotional and Phsyical Health, ALL are very important. Eat Well, Eat Healthy, Find a few days in a week to jog, walk or exercise. Take out 10-15 minutes if not more for yourself where you spend time with yourself alone.


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