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The Evolution of a Simple Resume to the Digital Persona – From a Recruiter’s Perspective

For years now resumes and cover letters were means to applying for a job – whether you sent a hard copy or eventually you applied through email with a word/PDF document. The format of that perfect Resume for most still remains elusive but it was a tool to bag the job you applied for.

With the advent of Job Search Engines, Online job advertising through job portals and then the dynamic world of social media – things started to change and they changed fast.

The world now uses electronic copies of profiles to evaluate and shortlist candidates – gone are the days when a hard copy was required to evaluate a candidate.

For most recruiters now its incredulous that candidates would not have a complete profile up on platforms like Linkedin, Bayt etc. It is often also a question now – why have you not updated your Linkedin profile? Why do you not have enough recommendations? Why don’t you get some recommendations up on your Linkedin profile so we can use them as references on job?

Most recruiters are now dependent on online portals and social media networks for sourcing and shortlisting candidates against their vacancies. The easier it is for them to keyword search your profile – the easier it is for you to get approached for new positions.

At Mushawar Consulting we help people to understand how their Digital Profiles are now being evaluated by Potential recruiters as an inside tool to evaluating their Personality. Not just your Linkedin, Rozee, Bayt profiles – but what you do on Twitter, your Instagram, your Facebook is taken into account of who you are as a person. News of people being fired in the USA for putting up controversial posts on their personal online profiles, after the recent elections has been doing the rounds for days now.

HR Departments now keep a vigilant eye on their employees through various social media platforms to see if they are looking or applying for new jobs – and if they are expressing any negative sentiments about their current job roles etc.

So it is imperative in today’s world that you have an online presence and that your digital online image is what you want to portray to the target audience you are aiming for.

Here are some quick tips to improving your Digital Profiles:

  • Do not mention your political views openly on Social Media
  • Do not Mention your Religious views or criticism of other religious sects openly
  • Do not put up racist, bigoted or any controversial posts even on your personal profiles because they may wind you up in trouble
  • Make sure you mention keywords and skills that are used for your specific specialization in your profile
  • Put up Headshots on your professional social networks – if not all your social networks
  • Do not put up controversial personal pictures and videos of yourself and your family
  • Be careful about what kind of material you are “liking” and “sharing” on your profiles
  • Be careful about the groups, posts and discussions you take part in on social media platforms
  • Try and be a part of constructive groups, platforms on social media that reflect your diverse interests and shows that you seriously think about your profession and career
  • Its best not to disclose personal information on social media platforms – not just because of how recruiters will review you, but also because how people may take advantage of it otherwise.
  • Ensure your privacy options are in place and not all the information on your profile is accessible to a wider audience.
  • Share relevant articles and blogs for other people to note how effectively you are utilizing the digital media and that you are investing time in improving your knowledge

Mushawar Consulting provides Resume, Online Image Building and Career & Life Development Coaching programs. You can learn more about us from our website: www.mushawar.com and you can get in touch with me directly at Maheen.baber@mushawar.com

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