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Finding The Right Mentor For Your Executive Coaching Needs!

Finding the right mentor is the best thing you could do to your professional and personal life! Some research suggests that you can increase probability of being promoted by more than 20% if you work with a mentor! That is a significant boost to your career.

However, it is also important to choose a mentor for all the right reasons. Mentors should help you evaluate opportunities, they should help you develop plans to move forward with a more focused approach, and they should assist you in your personal and professional endeavors by giving you solid advice, complementing your decisions.

There are various reasons why you would need a mentor. If you are career professional, or a fresh graduate testing your feet in the water; if you are a freelancer or an entrepreneur, each person has a different mentoring need.

Determine Your Exact Need

Sometimes, as individuals we fail to realize when we actually need help. It is important therefore, to sit down and chalk out the challenges you are facing, and to identify the areas where you feel you need help. Some of these areas may be overwhelming and you want to run for advice to the first person you find. But, it is important to first identify exactly why you need a mentor, before you choose one.

A sound mentor or executive coach would always start from current development needs and help you to take them forward by helping you to tackle these needs one by one. AtMushawar Consulting, we always advise a minimum of 6 sessions to help determine where you stand, and then a 12 month development plan to help make progress on some of the goals you set out for yourself.

Identify Who Fits The Bill

Not everyone is inclined to be an executive coach. You need to first sit and list all the people you know who you feel may be able to help with the needs you listed earlier. Once listed, you should identify if the person really would be able to guide you towards the challenges you face? Also, the person needs to be empathetic and should be a good listener. You wouldn’t want to be stuck with a person who never listens to your problems, but only dishes out solutions that may never work for you.

Also, identify if this person has similar ideologies and philosophies as you. Otherwise, conversations may get seriously skewed and you may not have the desired executive coaching that you naturally deserve.

At Mushawar Consulting, we work with numerous entrepreneurs and working professionals who are looking for sound advice and executive coaching to turn their professional and personal lives around. Contact us today on powerprofiles@mushawar.com or +92-332-242-8181 for more details. You can also download our brochure for further details: Mushawar Consulting | Power Guide Executive Coaching

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