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Hardwork gets you Noticed at Work – Never Undermine its Importance

Hardwork gets you Noticed at Work – Never Undermine its Importance


In my earlier post, I spoke about the times that I have to tell hard working employees to work smartly in order to achieve success and reach leadership positions in the company. I talked about how you should not become a Workaholic and how you can manage your day-to-day activities and include some simple tricks to manage the variance.

However, many times – people don’t really hear what I am saying. What they hear me saying is “Take Shortcuts – because hard work does not always get rewarded”. They also hear “If you know how to talk – you will get to places. Hardwork is not the key”. I am here to tell you – Hardwork and persistence are the ONLY reason that you will ever be noticed – Smart work will determine how far you will go up the ladder after you’ve been noticed.

NO matter what region – Globally, it has become extremely important for our workforce specially the Junior to Middle Level Professionals to understand that office politics, smart talk and good looks can only make you survive 6 months to a year tops at an organization. If you are not used to working hard and doing the smallest of tasks with ease by your own self. You will never be able to uphold the success you may receive. Like these superficial skills, your success at an organization because of the absence of hard work will be superficial.

How do I suggest you become a hard worker who can play the test innings and not a one time Spark? Its simple – Here are some essential to do items:

  • Be Punctual – Value time:

Time is Money. When you value time, you will ensure everyone who works with you does. Your set up the standard when there is no benchmark, it will be a slow painful process but you will get there. People can spot people who value time. People then don’t take for granted people who value time and most importantly you will never get stuck with a team of employees working under you who want to not value time.

  • Start Small:

I have always told my team of young graduates wherever I build a HR Department that to learn the big ropes you have to ensure you’ve learnt to scan your documents, you’ve learnt to photocopy them and you’ve learnt to do the smallest tasks that are there in the department. If you cannot do these small tasks yourself – you will never be able to go up.

  • Know the Work you designate:

The only way people will not make you a fool by quoting unrealistic long processes to getting things done – is when you know yourself the amount of time and effort it would take for you to achieve it. People will never second-guess you. You will never be fooled.

  • Be Self-Made:

Self-Made is a strong word and it is the only guarantee to attain eternal success. When you know you can do everything that is to be done to complete a project. From those small tasks to achieving the big picture – Your team will respect you for it. They will be more motivated to work for someone they know can do the tasks assigned to them with more efficiency and will not have any qualms about it. The beauty of working with Self-Made individuals is that for them nothing is ordinary, nothing is useless and nothing makes them feel small. They always have their eyes on the big picture.

  • Focus on Delivery:

Do not worry about the amount of hours you put in to get something done – Focus on the quality and output. If you can get something done through sheer determination and focus within your working hours or even before that – You deserved the extra time off. However, if it’s taking longer – that should not worry you. Your goal was to achieve the tasks assigned and you have to do it efficiently and effectively. Worry about the deliverable and not the extra time you’re required to put in.

  • Capitalize on Opportunities:

Remember if you don’t do it- someone else will. You only get some opportunities in life and if you don’t cash them in – someone else will. So never give up a project that entails guaranteed success but has challenges.

  • Always value commitment:

If you have said you will deliver, there’s no reason why you could not. Incase some unforeseeable situation arises, inform the expecting party of the glitches – WELL in advance. It is your responsibility to deliver and if you cannot it is your responsibility to communicate.

Rest assured this is only the tip of the iceberg – Hard work never goes unnoticed and is never forgotten. However, Hard work must be accompanied by results and THAT determines where your determination and dedication will take you further in your career.


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