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How to Upgrade your Resume

Using the right tools to get in touch with the right opportunity and at the right time is crucial to landing a job. However, a lot of times applicants make basic mistakes in their Resume that they share with recruiters and then do not get called in for interviews.

Heres a quick recap of the top 3 items you should definitely evaluate your resume for before sending it out to a recruiter.

  1. Spell Check Please

Every recruiter turns down a resume the moment they see some spelling or grammar errors on a CV. Why? Because your Resume Speaks Volumes about who you are as a person. That is the first interaction you have with a potential employer. So if you could not pay due attention to your own profile – something that important. How are you going to perform on the job?

  1. Use a professional email ID

Almost always the one thing all professional recruiters talk about is the kind of email IDs people use to apply for positions. When you are young, we understand the need for creativity and standing out from the crowd by using an innovative twitter handle or email address.

  1. Be Honest

I always advise people and our clients to not lie on their resumes. Even if you have missed a few months here and there, its better to come clean to a prospective employer. Employers find out sooner or later, and its so much better if its sooner and its coming from you instead of somewhere else.

Also, its better when candidates can only write what they have actually accomplished, worked on and know about. Putting in adjectives, endless tasks and skills in your resume when you actually have no experience of it – only ruins your chance to actually making it to the finish line. Recruiters almost always will ask questions related to items you have mentioned on your resume and if one of those items is just there because you were a ghost team member on the project – its not going to win you any brownie points.

  1. Mention your Career Achievements

Often people have a 3 pager, 4 pager resume – but nothing consequential written or listed in them. The good, the bad and the ugly all rolled into one and so it becomes difficult for the recruiter to read & evaluate.

So the best way to go about this to list down accomplishments or tasks/project one is proud of at a certain position. If this is in bullet form, its perfect. This tells an evaluator how were you beneficial to a certain organization and what did you learn.

  1. Showcase your Personality

Organizations are now looking for well-rounded individuals. People who show character and personality are often a better choice for the fast changing global workplace. Therefore candidates who have extracurricular achievements should showcase their talents on their profiles. Sports, Music, Writing – Whatever you are great at will add value to the organization’s culture.


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