At Mushawar Consulting, while we provide a broad range of full scale services to businesses and corporates, our aim is also to go back a step and generate better, more productive individuals for the economic life cycle.

We provide intense and relevant programs to freshly graduating students from all walks of life; to Women who want to get back on a job after a career break, to home-based entrepreneurs, Start-up Entrepreneurs and to experienced individuals.

Mushawar Consulting believes that everyone needs a mentor and/or a coach, basically a support system to help and cope up with the challenges one faces in personal and professional life. We understand that not everyone has access to such avenues and therefore, a big reason for starting Mushawar Consulting as an initiative has been to lend out a helping hand for people in need. We want to contribute to society and our individual services reflect that.

We offer the following two Products as a part of our Individual Services Portfolio:

You can get in touch with us at through an email or use the Query Forms for Power Profile and Power Guide on our Contact us Page.

For Power Guide you can also buy your Counseling sessions online on our website through this.