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Money Vs. Passion – smart vs. logical career choices

Have you made those lists of what to do, what to study, what career to choose, which one makes the most money?

Well I dont know about you, but I’ve made a few of those, and seen a few of them others have made.

And the funny part in the entire deal is, all of them say practically the same thing, Banking, FMCG, Government, becoming an Engineer, or an Accountant, or finish up a Masters degree, preferably an MBA.

And eventually, all of us move on to do just that, and then become extremely bored and completely uninterested in life. Stuck in limbo, not knowing what future holds, and not knowing what IS future, never realizing that this is the long haul because of a decision we made to overrule our love and passion in favor of money.

Yes, money is a big deal and it is very important. How can we feed our children? How do we get more clothes and educate our children, or pay the rent and pay medical bills? All of that, including high costs of transport and food, and then everything else.

Well. My one question to anyone who asks me for counsel is, how do you define money? What is money? How do you put a description of what money is and why do you need it? You realize how important the concept of money is, when you actually dont have a dime to your name.

That has happened to me a few times. I have eaten biscuits for food, and skipped some lunches, to save up on lunch money to pay some of my bills. I cut down on going to meet people anywhere, in favor of Skype meetings to cut down on transportation costs. I have asked people to come over to my house and have a one dish per person dinner to cut down on any expenses whatsoever, except the pain of doing the dishes.

Yes, that is possible if you are already settled enough and you can afford to have people over. But then again, how much money do you need? How much do you actually have to need? Do you think that bills get paid because there is money in the house? Or do you think there’s bills in the house because there is money? Have you ever given that a thought?

Ok, now lets talk about passion. Do you realize what you love working on, and what you are working on to earn money may actually be poles apart? What is passion? How do you define the word passion with respect to work? Since we have all grown up with the definition that work is actually effort and time and spending your head trying to get things going, while passion is an illicit affair with something that you’re in love with and thus must limit lest it takes over your “work”.

We have equated work with effort while we believe passion is a love affair. We have twisted logic to define how work gives money while passion gives a heartache.

So why is it that some people get up in the morning and are absolutely raring to go to work, while the rest of us feel like we are slogging away with the only happiness coming to us as a pay check at the end of the month?

Think over it. Think over how we have equated money with happiness, and how we have redefined work as something that must be done to get this happiness. Think over the emptiness of this concept, and how we are killing our hearts to steal tiny moments of happiness that money seems to buy for us and how this happiness evaporates the minute the money seems to have seeped out of our hands.

Then go through your choice of career.

Do you want to live like this till you’re 60 and then when you’re dying?

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