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Maheen Noor Soomro

CEO, Co-Founder & Lead Consultant – Talent Acquisition, Employee Well-being and HR Solutions

Maheen Noor Soomro is a HR practitioner with 9 years of leading teams, managing HR functions and providing HR solutions as a consultant for SMEs in the Information Technology, Oil & Gas, Retail and Media Industry.

The superhero of talent management, Maheen has worked with numerous corporates as an employee and as a consultant to provide headhunting and recruiting for junior to mid level and C level Positions for companies in Pakistan and Middle East. She’s transformed the Employee Induction and Talent Acquisition & Management programs at companies in line with their strategic growth objectives.

Maheen has been working actively as an Employee Outsourcing and Resource Placement Expert for Middle East and Pakistan. From bulk hiring for Call Centres/Data Entry roles, to the On-Field employees for Oil & Gas Companies to hiring for tenders/bids for highly specialized/technical skillsets in the IT industry – Maheen has a proven track record for leading these projects within difficult timelines.

Moreover, she is well known for her extremely effective talent engagement programs, as well as, employee well-being programs. She has established several Employer Branding strategies in line with the Company’s overall Marketing & Growth Strategy. Digital Media Engagement for Employers has been her forte during the Social Media Revolution.

Maheen has extensive experience in setting up HR structures from scratch, developing processes and policies for SMEs in Pakistan and Middle East. From Employee Records/Database creation, to HCM System Implementations, to Performance Management Systems, Training Management Systems and Organizational Role Setting Systems – at Mushawar she will be providing assistance to our clients with tailor made HR Solutions and HR management systems.

As part of Mushawar Consulting, she is our go to Talent Acquisition and HR Solutions Lead Consultant, ready to give out great advice towards better HR Management!

Her achievements so far:

  • Recruited 700+ resources for the Systems Limited Group of companies in markets like Pakistan, UAE, KSA, Australia and Qatar.
  • Initiated Employee outsourcing as a Business Unit for TechVista Systems (A part of the Systems Limited Group) in the UAE, Qatar, KSA & Australian Markets.
  • Launched comprehensive Employee Engagement & Wellbeing initiatives including, Digital Media Activation including Social Media Engagement, Website improvement and Blogging, Working Women Appreciation Programs, Employee and team performance initiatives, New talent induction and engagement programs, Senior Leaders Engagement Programs, Employee motivational events etc.
  • Reduced Employee Turnover Ratio effectively at Wavetec and Systems Limited.
  • Designed and implemented the Graduate Trainee and Internship program at Systems Limited, New Horizon Exploration & Production Limited and Wavetec
  • Initiated and established UAE Operations for TechVista Systems (A part of the Systems Limited Group of companies) and Wavetec Group.
  • Created the Human Resource Policy and Processes for Wavetec (UAE, Pakistan, Africa, China and KSA), Liberty Books, New Horizon Exploration and Production Limited and Ellahi Buksh Group.
  • Initiated the Annual Objective Setting Framework for Wavetec and Liberty Books.
  • Successfully conducted Internal Training Programs for Improved Communication Skills at Scanwell Logistics and New Horizon Exploration and Production Limited.
  • Successfully conducted internal training programs for Softer Skills Development (How to become the “Selected” Resource for the Export Market, Email Etiquettes, Work Ethics, Motivation at Work, Presentation Skills, Internal and External Communication, Time Management, How to improve your productivity at work, etc.).

NoorJehan Arif

Co-Founder & Lead Consultant – Technology Solutions and Business Process Realignment

The Technology solutions idealist, NoorJehan Arif has amassed core experience in reengineering business processes, realigning operating procedures, and coming up with creative technology solutions for her clientele. NoorJehan has 10 years of experience, leading technology and business realignment projects, and has worked in numerous fields from Textiles, to non profit, and from banks to service as well as public sector.

She is known for her cut through the clutter mindset, with a laser focus towards outcomes and solutions. Her experience has given her insight on implementation of SOPs that include cutting time and cost, realigned business process mapping along with ERP solution mapping that includes bringing in efficiency and productivity, and CRM solution implementation that includes customer centric approach and mindset. Other avenues include supercharged web development activities that fuel the internal wheels of the organization.

As part of Mushawar Consulting, she is our Lead Consultant for Business Process Realignment and Technology Solutions, ready to work through the organizational channels for efficiency and effectiveness!

Her achievements include:

  • Redesigned the Approval of School Construction process for The Citizens Foundation– cut down 50 days of effort through task realignment
  • Redesigned the Acknowledgement of School Construction process for The Citizens Foundation – cut down 30 days of effort through task realignment
  • Critically analyzed and redesigned process for The Citizens Foundation for donor acknowledgement for supporting school operations – Cut 15 days from the process flow through realignment and elimination of some tasks Introduced Ticket Logging and Improvement Opportunity system for The Citizens Foundation, to allow for improvement opportunities to be logged directly by employees – process redesign through employee engagement
  • Introduced new processes for The Citizens Foundation for issue resolution and management; root cause analysis of problems; allowing for better resolution of issues faced by employees
  • Analyzed for The Citizens Foundation the process for utilization and allocation of vehicles within the organization and across the school network:
    • Worked on planning and design for a vehicle tracking system (VTS) to make vehicle usage more efficient
    • Worked on integration of VTS with the fleet management system to improve vehicle monitoring and usage
  • Worked for The Citizens Foundation on planning, analysis, design, testing, and deployment of Dynamics CRM 4.0 as part of a two member team
  • Worked for The Citizens Foundation on upgrade for Microsoft Dynamics CRM and implemented CRM 2011 as a project manager singlehandedly
  • Worked for The Citizens Foundation on integration the Microsoft Dynamics CRM with Microsoft Great Plains Financial Software for better donation management
  • Developed for The Citizens Foundation proposal and document templates to be used alongside the CRM for better donor management
  • Composed for The Citizens Foundation Standard Operating Procedures handbook for audit and for departmental usage based on the processes
  • Planned, designed and implemented for The Citizens Foundation ticket management, Improvement Opportunity system in a two member team
  • Planned for The Citizens Foundation for a Vehicle Tracking System to be integrated with Fleet Management for efficient vehicle usage
  • Helped in reducing the lag time in payroll processing by 4 days, for Khaadi, through the implementation of HCM Solution based on Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012
  • Worked with Aerovista (UAE) to improve their HR and Payroll processes to automate their HCM processes through the implementation of HCM Solution based on Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012