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Prepping For the Final Selection Interview with Top Management

While I was working as a Talent Acquisition Specialist, I came across many a times when good candidates failed to create the right impression in their final interviews with the management and lost opportunities that otherwise were perfect for them.

Earlier I chartered some general pointers for candidates to keep in mind when looking for vacancies and appearing fro interviews – but when we focus on the finer points in the selection process we have to take the final selection interview and interaction with the management of the company on priority.

These are some recommendations for candidates to utilize when they are appearing for a selection interview:

  1. Do your research – A lot of candidates review the company’s website and ask around about a company when they are due for an interview. These are some additional research items that you could review.
    1. A comparison of the company with its competitors. Knowing the industry and its components.
    2. Knowing the competitive edge the company or its competitors have over each other.
    3. Are there any external forces apart from the competition that is affecting the performance of the company? If so, then what are these and how has the company been tackling them. How can they tackle them more efficiently?
    4. The company’s global imprint/national reach. Their progress over the years
    5. Any Leaders within the company that are known in the industry for their specialization
  1. There’s a very thin line between Confidence and Pride – Don’t confuse the two. People generally do not want to hire Cocky, Prejudiced and Self-righteous people.
  1. Breathe – Understand. Answer. Listening to the questions and understanding the tone of your interviewers is extremely important. Correctly answering the question asked is vital to the success of your interview. Interviewers may often reject a candidate who may know his subject matter and more – only because he said too much. Be precise & concise.
  1. Avoid conflict and Aggression. For senior positions many a times employers deliberately start a controversial subject to observe your views on politics, religion and industry insights. This is because you would be in a leading position whereby you would have to deal with teams and departments – people coming from all walks of life. Therefore, assessing your conflict management and diversity management skills are on the top of your interviewers agenda.
  1. Be sure of your Non Verbal Communication. Don’t fidget with your hands, don’t touch your ears, scratch your face, play with your hair. Be confident in your pose, but not too rigid – everything is about finding the right balance. A little bit of laughter, humor, and personality exhibit does not hurt anyone. It only makes you look real to your interviewers.
  1. Do not lie. If you do not know something – its best to not lie. If you have not worked somewhere its best to not say that you have. If they are questioning you about it – there’s a 90% probability they are well versed with the subject too.
  1. Do not use informal and casual language during your interview. “Bro” “Dude” “Cool” along with any swearing words are best left at home.
  1. Dress to Impress and pay close attention to your personal hygiene. Top Management interview positions where they eventually want to see leaders. Leaders of a company are a mirror image of the organization. No one wants the company to look like a rag.

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