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Quick Tips for a Successful Interview – Recruiters Insight

Many a times when a candidate steps out of an interview room he is perplexed whether the interview went well. Some of the pertinent questions that boggle his mind are: Will he be hired? Whether his replies were correct? How did the recruiter evaluate him? Although a definite answer to these questions can never be known prior to receiving a confirmation or better known as “offer letter” or rejection.

However, there are certain parameters that can indicate the chances of being hired. Before appearing for an interview the candidate must fully read and understand; the job description, what is expected from the potential candidate, education, skills acquired after college.

As the competition is getting tougher employers are more focused on what they want from prospective candidates. On the same note the candidate must assess himself, his strengths and weaknesses. Therefore apply for a job that best suits your capability. Throwing your resume at every other door does not increase your chance of bagging a job.

Besides what is written above some of the basic tips a job seeker must follow are:

  1. Always be on time; better still be at the site few minutes before the interview time. Calculate distance and the travel time
  2. Pick up the best dress from your wardrobe. Executives must not look casual. Necktie, cufflinks and shiny shoes are some of the prerequisites. For women, it’s best to not be too flashy or over the top. That said, your hair must be neatly tied or if open- frizzfree.
  3. Personal Hygiene although a part of your appearance/personality – is extremely crucial and therefore is being addressed separately here. Ensure you do not have mouth odour and/or body odour. In case you have a natural tendency – prepare for them in advance for instance; carry soft mints, mint gums etc – to kill mouth odour, ensure you use a deodorant, fragrance powder, perfume to cover your body odour. Carry one deodorant with you in case you are using public transport before an interview to use before the meeting. Once you reach your destination – ask where the rest rooms are and you can pop a mint and use your deodorant to refresh yourself there.
  4. Look confident, this does not mean you pretend to know more about your field than the interviewer. Although in between do let the employer know your skills and your strengths. Avoid unnecessary discussion or enter into an argument. For senior positions many a times employers deliberately start a controversial subject to observe your views on politics, religion and industry insights
  5. Never back bite about an earlier employer, whether its about the way the business is run there or their personal lives
  6. Make sure your cell phone is either switched off or on silent mode
  7. Sit and walk straight with broad shoulders
  8. Keep a professional distance, don’t get too familiar or personal, this does not mean your body language is too serious, wear a smile
  9. Do your research before your interview – for instance
    1. If you know who your interviewer is, you can always go over to their profiles on the company’s website or Linkedin.
    2. Read about the company – not only on their company website but also research on the internet about them
    3. You can always review the profiles of candidates who were previously appointed on the position you are interviewing for at the company – it helps you understand the role, the expectations and what kind of profiles have been previously successful

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