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Signature Series: Life’s Mantra – Art of Balancing (Work Life Balance)

Life’s Mantra – The Art of Balancing (Work Life Balance Program) is part of the Mushawar Consulting Signature Series Training Programs. The key theme of “Work-Life Balance” is promoted in this program.

Work Life Balance has become a key concern for individuals working in a full time job or even working from home, or running their own freelance or business practices. More and more professionals, especially today’s Millennials are becoming disillusioned, demotivated and tired of keeping up with hectic job schedules and no balance in their after-work life. For this generation, individual goals and milestones for self are extremely important and therefore, a lot of them are now opting for freelance working opportunities or start-ups to somehow manage their priorities more effectively.

Recognizing this new trend a lot of companies are now introducing “Work Life Balance” programs as a part of their Professional and Personal Development programs at work. Employee Engagement has become the new buzzword for HR and top Management professionals and Work-Life balance fits right in to this initiative.

How Mushawar Consulting Helps With Work Life Balance

The workshop is designed to create awareness amongst the audience about the different priorities in life and how to make time for them. The importance of each priority in life and then recommend some personal exercises to ensure that they can reach a balance in their personal and professional life outcomes.

The program consists of 2 Modules:

  • Module 1: The first half of the session helps the audience to identify the priorities in life and then evaluate where they stand and where they want to go.
  • Module 2: The second half helps the audience to identify ways to accomplish the goals/dreams that they have listed, and how to balance areas in their lives where they are lagging behind.

Training Methodology

At Mushawar Consulting, we believe Interactive Learning has the most effect on individuals and it has long-term impact on a trainee’s behavior.

Learning during this workshop is always coupled with high-energy interactive presentation, personal reflection, open discussions and exercises.

Learning Outcomes

This program is designed to provide the following positive outcomes for all its attendees:

  • Understanding priorities in life
  • How and why to balance each priority in the overall lifestyle
  • Personal exercises to create time and effort for different areas in life
  • How to deal with goal setting within one’s life
  • Personal exercises to ensure accomplishment of ones goals in life
  • How to evaluate one’s performance against goals defined
  • How to become more productive at work and thus improve prioritization in other areas of life

Workshop Duration

The Workshop is designed to be a 2 day interactive Session (2 hours/ day) for audiences to attend.

If you are looking for a longer duration workshop for five days with detailed tools and techniques, or are looking for a self paced, self learning course, do mention that in the comments while signing up!


We recommend this program for anyone with high intensity, stress based jobs and where individuals have to put in longer working hours.

This program is also recommended for companies that want to promote Healthier Life Styles for their Employees and want to promote Positive Employee Engagement at Work.

Trainer Profile

Ms. Maheen Noor Soomro, Consultant Talent Acquisition & Employee Solutions, along with Ms. Noorjehan Arif, Consultant Business Strategy & Technology Solutions; work in a pair to conduct these workshops

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