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Manage Work, Manage Life – Strike a Work Life Balance!

If I were to identify one of the most repetitive questions I have to hear from my clients when im doing a one-on-one Life Coaching Session. It would be “How to achieve Work Life Balance”. In an article in HBR, Boris Groysberg and Robin Abrahams easily reason out why its important to Manage your work and Manage your Life.

The more I interact with Millenials and today’s professionals, the more I understand how important a healthier lifestyle choice is becoming for them; how they value their work life balance. It is perhaps this increase in awareness that is leading to a high demand in the Gym, Workout and Diet Control Industry. Employers are also recognizing this awareness as a crucial element for Employee Engagement. This is why Employers globally have launched Employee Well-being Programs for their workforce to stay engaged and active.

Mushawar Consulting has come up with a 2 Day Workshop called “Life’s Mantra – The Art of Living” for our Corporate Clients who wanted to do a Work-Life Balance Session as a part of our Signature Series Training Programs. Whereby they could give effective tools that are constructive for their employees to use to achieve this otherwise elusive Balance.

Even when we are working with our individual clients, we tell them that this is a step-by-step process that would need their commitment. Most importantly it will need a heightened and invasive Self –Evaluation that may initially make them uncomfortable but that would eventually lead them to becoming more Self-Aware about their lives.

Step 1:        What are your Priorities?  

Understanding your life and then living it is a path that not many lead. However, in this journey of finding balance, you have to first start from within yourself. When we want people to reflect on what are their priorities in life, they may name areas that they think are important to them.

When we ask them to club their priorities into heads (Work and Life Separately), a lot of them take a step back when they are done. The shock is almost always when they see how many of the areas constitutes Life and not many constitute Work. As Stew Friedman mentions in his Article in the HBR “Great performers make their Personal lives a priority”.

Step 2: Self Evaluation

The most difficult phase in discovering the balance in ones life is discovering what one is and what one thinks they are. Self-Evaluating is a painful step and one that we almost always reach with great seriousness.

Step 3: Analyzing the Outcomes

Finding where one stands life wrt their priorities is a recommended step that will almost always follow with what one wants to be in life. Therefore the analysis of what I am doing, what I think I was doing and what I want to do is a lengthy self-evaluation process.

Step 4: Creating a Plan

After recognizing what really matters in life, half your job is done and the other half is when you go out there and get it! Putting yourself out there to fulfill your dreams and goals is a tough task.

However, when our clients are setting up goals and plans to achieve their decided outcomes – we always tell them to set up realistic goals. Lea McLeod mentions the same mantra in her article for the Muse.com, “How to Set Ambitious Career Goals You Can Realistically Accomplish”.

Goals can be career related, based on personal happiness or even Relationships, they can be anything you want them to be. But they have to not be designed for failure from the get go.

Mushawar Consulting can help you design and implement Employee Engagement Programs, Effective Employee Well-being Policies and offer various HR Support Programs. Get in touch with our Consultant, Maheen Noor Soomro, Talent Acquisition & Employee Solutions Division, on Maheen.baber@mushawar.com or call us on +92-321-877-3708 for more details. Alternatively, you can get in touch with us here: www.mushawar.com/contact-us/ and also see our “Life’s Mantra – Art of Balancing Program” on our website.

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