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Technology Investments and Flailing ROI? Reach Out to Mushawar Consulting then!

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Your support plans with the principle company can only help you so much. With Mushawar Consulting’s Power Help Support Services, we provide you Managed Support help that you need.

Solutions We Support:

  • ERP Solutions
  • CRM Solutions
  • Inventory Solutions
  • Websites and Ecommerce Portals
  • Web and Mobile Apps

Services We Offer

Under the Mushawar Consulting Power Help Desk Support, we give you several options to choose from. From pay as you go, to long term support commitments, you can choose the options that work for you best!

Managed Services: With our Managed Services Packages, you can expect preventive and correct maintenance and support, fixes, routine activities and tasks as well as management

Pay As You Go: With our Pay As You Go Services, you can request whatever functional, technical or customization activity as you want. This is based on your choice and you don’t have to commit to longer term SLAs

Dedicated Support: With our Dedicated Support Services, we provide you with a dedicated resource who takes care of your application needs

24/7 Support: This is an opt-in service for Managed Services, Dedicated Support, and Development Support

Report Development Support: This is an opt-in service for Managed Services, Dedicated Support, and Development Support

Our Power Help Support Cover Includes:

Technical and Functional Assistance: Our functional and technical support teams will always be available to you on demand whenever you need them

Corrective Maintenance: Our teams will handle any issues and bugs that need quick fixes and resolutions because of which business is being interrupted

Preventive Maintenance: Our functional and technical teams will consistently manage specific tasks as well as processes that need to be done on schedule

Application Support: Our team is available to handle all operational support tasks for your software solution as and when required

Defined and Guaranteed Response Times: Defined service turnaround times and SLAs allow our staff to serve you better

Dedicated Team: With specific plans, you even get a dedicated resource only for your application and support

Reports Development: Sometimes, technical expertise is required and you’ve let your support plans lapse. We help work on custom report development for you

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