Top 5 Benefits Your Organization Can Derive from Integrating CRM and ERP

Top 3 Benefits of Integrating Your CRM and ERP

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As far as IT implementations go within organizations, true advantages can only be gained if the core team realizes the benefits that they want out of the IT solutions, such as CRM and ERP, they have put in place. When I talk of ROI to my customers, I also indicate to them that they must think about integrating their IT landscape to reap deeper advantages.

Most companies implement their IT solutions in stages. For instance, CRMs generally roll out first because they show benefits sooner. Customer data comes together in one place, sales orders are being logged, sales funnels can be evaluated quicker. ERP Implementations normally take time and effort. Advantages are seen at a much later stage.

Microsoft recently announced their single cloud solution, Dynamics 365 that combines its cloud solutions, ERP, CRM, Office and BI together into a seamless platform that signifies business automation, process integration and seamless data management, with limited integration delays. With BI tools, this makes data reporting not only seamless but quick as well.

Regardless, integrations between various platforms in your company’s IT landscape can reap benefits that go far deeper than the simpler data management and reporting elements. Read more to understand these advantages:

  1. Friction-less and consistent brand interaction with customers: With different departments working in various perspectives such as Marketing, Finance, Customer Support, Sales, etc., a customer can get lost if their questions keep bouncing from one department to another. With an integrated landscape, this interaction can be made friction-less.
  2. Synchronization for faster and seamless reporting: With your CRM and ERP working together, data gathering and synchronization becomes seamless. No more excel extractions and additional reports, a single reporting entity can be created that assists in better results; a customer’s end to end report can be extracted if both the solutions are integrated together.
  3. Better upsell and cross sell opportunities: Detailed information is now available on the fingertips. For the sales department, they know the invoices paid, the refunds made, products sold and received from the customer. Finance team knows details of the sales orders raised, and marketing team knows the products that are running best. It allows for better strategy building, and thus improving chances of upsell and cross-sell.

Numerous advantages of such integration can be reaped from data management, to single customer views, and better visibility of sales funnels and payments made, to improved business intelligence. This visibility can be utilized towards better and improved reporting as well.

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