Top 10 Enterprise Application Trends in IT in 2017

Top 5 Enterprise Application Trends in IT for 2017

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This year has seen numerous changes in the technology landscape with newer and innovative ideas taking shape. Enterprise Applications have seen not only changes but also a paradigm shift, with several concepts like digital media, big data and cloud coming together to revolutionize how people think about enterprise applications. We believe that these top 4 enterprise application trends will continue to positively impact the IT landscape in 2017!

Mobile Apps

More and more vendors are bringing their enterprise applications on mobile; allowing users to have information on their fingertips. This also allows for back-office and front end to be integrated with each other; along with also allowing data to be captured and integrated quickly. The best advantage is easier data management, thus better decision making by the teams.

Big Data, Business Intelligence Tools

Better data through integrated technologies and applications, results in one simple outcome: Better Decision Making. This can simply be augmented through data trends, and evaluating all the compiled data through business intelligence tools. Innovative thought process has brought about user tools that help the end user to evaluate data on their own. Combine that with Mobile Apps, we will see Big Data Analytics by the End User, available on fingertips!

Internet of Things

Internet of Things is a technology trend that has changed the way we function. Our devices are connected to the internet, giving us leverage and control over our daily lives. The newest trend is connecting enterprise applications to the IoT phenomenon. Your CRM will now have data on the products and their usage, their damage and their issues. Combine that with purchase trends, and your target audience; and you can now leverage all of this data in a whole new trend of marketing and sales.


This is not a new trend; but this continues to grow as more and more vendors and companies come up with better options to provide solutions to their clients. The possibilities of this trend are limitless, as enterprise applications go online, allowing browser based access across different devices. Combining this trend with Internet of Things, Mobile Apps and Big Data Analytics, you see a whole new world of possibilities. The end user becomes more equipped allowing for better decision making, cost reduction, better control of physical assets, and remote availability; these are just some of the numerous benefits.


The world continues to change; and 2017 is going to see a major shift in enterprise applications, their usage, their availability and the way people function. Businesses will witness this change, but riding this wave of change is something only a few brave ones will go with.

To discuss how you can leverage these enterprise application trends, feel free to drop me a line at and we can dicsuss how your company can benefit from these trends!


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