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What is a Career? And What Choice Do We Have?

Since you’re on my blog and are adamant on reading on, and since I love to ask questions, let me ask you, what really is a career?

How do you actually define a career? Most of us belong to what theorists portray as the “Middle Class”, and we always have been running after this concept called a career. Do you think these rich folks have careers? For example, is an industrialist a career oriented person? Or is feudalism a career option? On the flip side, is being a gatekeeper a choice of career or being maid for that matter is a career option?

So what is a career? What do we perceive as a career? Why do we always go about lamenting that our resumes will never land us a job and we will never have a productive career? Who teaches us these concepts? Where do we learn these ideologies?

Now, lets think over this: someone comes over for a visit, and they are introduced as a doctor. Is that a career? Being a doctor? Do you say they have a career choice of a doctor, or do you say they are a doctor? Similarly, architects, engineers, dentists, they don’t have “careers” per se. Then why are all of us running after a career of choice?

Let me explain this concept to you. Several decades ago, we all needed specialists in various fields, doctors, police, engineers, architects, and more. And then came the Industrial Revolution and we needed people with generally either no skills, or just basic skills, so that they could be trained to perform a single task, in monotony, for the rest of their lives.

But then management principles came into being, because each industry required some sort of management that doctors and engineers could not manage because they had very specific skills that were not relevant towards administrative purposes. Hence came in the business degrees that created a field force of generalists who were jack of all trades and masters of absolutely nothing. But just so that we all could feel important, we decided to “specialize” in a field that we could call ours, Human Resource Management, Hospitality Management, Marketing, Finance, Banking, and what not.

But then again, are we specialists? Or are we still generalists? Because at the end of the day, we are still being churned out on a conveyor belt, polished and groomed to take up a position in an organization and start off our “career” that would be absolutely meaningless in the larger scheme of things, in the organization, in the industry and within the economy.

So what is a career? Being a CEO of a conglomerate? At the end of the day, the conglomerate made them the CEO and the industrialist made that industry. So, what is our choice? Do we have a choice?

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