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Why employees get frustrated with their bosses?

While corporates across the globe try to find solutions to the world’s problems; most employees feel like worker bees, and are frustrated with the office, their work and their bosses. Its a phenomenon that most bosses face; unproductive, uninterested employees, some seem just simply bored, whiling away time till they can get out of office! Like all bosses, you’re also probably thinking, this is an individual failure. Let’s take a look at it again. This might be a leadership failure. It might not be a failure in itself, but a lack of focus towards what is important!

Research by Hays’ Group indicates that there is frustration at work, that reduces productivity, creating unengaged employees who are not focused, and which is adding a huge deal to the opportunity lost by the organization!

Lets look at the top three reasons why there’s such frustration amongst employees.

They Are Seen But Not Heard

Employers, supervisors and bosses only have work objectives and work tasks for their subordinates. And employees do not have a way to reach out and share their thoughts or feelings. Employees start feeling that they are not valued, and their voice is not important. When such a feeling sets in, the amount of work actually done, differs significantly from what needs to be done!

The 24 Hour Cycle

Employees are expected to be connected. Even if they aren’t, emails, IMs, phone calls and text messages are enough to send out a barrage of information to the employee, making them lose connections that are important other than work. And if this expectation is continuously kept from the employee, that they be connected to work 24/7, eventually burn out is reached. Before burnout, productivity is lost because the employee is extremely frustrated by being unable to control the situation.

Meet Me!

Meetings, meetings and more meetings. If there’s anything frustrating, its long winded, never ending meetings, that result in very little outcome. Managers tend to overuse meetings for non productive outcomes, while employees tend to find them a waste of time. On top of that, if objectives are not being met, or employees are told that their productivity is not being seen, then the meetings will be the first target of the worker bee’s disdain.

This is part 1 of a three part blog post series. Stay tuned for updates!




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