Does Your Organization Need A Complete Process Transformation

Why Organizations Should Transform

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What is organizational transformation?

You may wonder. Any reform or modification within your company that triggers a domino effect of change, is organizational transformation; this would be the layperson’s definition.

However, from a more strategic point of view, organizational transformation is about any change that relates to changing the process or subprocess, change or establishment of new business strategy, changing the structures within the organization, reviewing performance, and monitoring performances of the strategy, divisions and/or processes. The ideology of such transformation can be focused on one or more key areas such as employees, strategy, team, structure, risks or continuous improvement.

Though, in Pakistan, and in other neighboring countries, we tend to focus only on the team, the employee or the strategy; but significant benefits can be derived if we also align ourselves to continuous improvement, risks and structures or organizational alignments.

What are these benefits?

  • Efficiency, Effectiveness and Productivity

First and foremost is efficiency, effectiveness and productivity. If you work on employee training and development, they would be able to produce better results. It is THAT simple. If you transform business processes, you would have processes that may be more useful (effective), and may produce improved outcomes (efficient)

  • Focus and Alignment

While efficiency and effectiveness is about improving outcomes, focus and alignment are about achieving the right targets in the first place. If you have an organizational structure that is not suitable for the business you do, then improving processes may not give you any added advantage. The structures would need to be thought out again!

  • Turnaround Time, better ROI!

What matters to you, and to any business owner of course, is ROI. If I am able to target my customers with a better Turnaround time, through focused and efficient processes, my opportunity cost reduces. My ROI improves. My bottom-line improves. That’s what matters!

We at Mushawar Consulting work with our consultants to bring such organizational transformation solutions for our clients. We work with our client organizations to target transformation areas, and specify transformation focus in order to achieve these benefits.

For more details and ideas on how to improve your ROI, do email us on!

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