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Why Should You, as a Small Business, Invest in a CRM!?

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CRMs became the rage at a certain point in time when businesses had all of a sudden realized that customers were key to company worth. Starting from the Rolodex and Contact Managers to Sales Force Automation, CRMs were rudimentary and nobody gave much thought on analytics.

Fast forward to today, CRMs, though meaning to signify customer relationship management, have become key to business relationship management, insights to large customer data, and key to providing knowledge for proactive customer relationship building. From SaaS to insights through social streams of communication, and from creating knowledge from CRM Data for targeted marketing approaches to extracting streams of business through social media listening, CRMs have grown from the basic contact management tools that they once were.

The fact is, whether small businesses should even invest in CRMs. Would it give them any strategic advantage if this investment were made? On a cost to benefit scale, the following top benefits can be derived if, as a small or medium sized business, you invest in a CRM:

  1. Listening to the Social Media Chatter: Do you have social media profiles (it would very be surprising if you didn’t)? If that’s the case, then rather than hiring five people who help you to listen to these streams manually; use a CRM that helps you to automate this reading and generate insights and reports.
  2. Generate Customer Insights: Each customer is unique. From the times of only managing contacts, now your CRM should be able to generate complete insights on the types of product purchases, to the times/days of the week for such purchases, and the interest shown in other product lines by the customer. Imagine the possibilities this generates in terms of repeat business, upsells and cross-sells!
  3. Building Better Response Times: CRM can help redefine your response times, by building SLAs and SOPs, defining Knowledgebases and FAQs, and helping keep key customer data and insights in one place. With an easy escalation matrix, maintaining key service level timelines becomes easy as cake!
  4.  Integrations with Other Tools: CRMs of today integrate with a number of key solutions like your call center, Business intelligence tools, ERP solutions, social media, as well as other key software like Mail and Word Processing. Imagine the possibilities there are that can result from single platform of reporting or insight generation, when all your key solutions are integrated this way.

At Mushawar Consulting, our key consultants have worked on Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Zoho, Odoo and SalesForce; their knowledge areas are key toward evaluating your IT investments can generate ROI. Are you wondering how to justify the investment on a CRM? Consult Mushawar Consulting to find out how this ROI can be built and how soon your investments on information technology products like CRM and ERP can start reaping benefits. Contact today on +92-332-242-8181 or on / and talk to us today on your CRM or ERP investments and ideas on how to improve your ROI.

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