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Workplace Motivation & How to Find it.

After working in extremely aggressive industries and organizations, I have realized that the only thing that helps you not only get through it all but also be successful is Motivation.


But how does one stumble upon motivation? Whenever in my employee engagement sessions I have asked the audience who is responsible for your motivation – I have gotten two answers – Our Employer, Our Spouse/Family. Very seldom will you see a bright-eyed candidate jump up and say ME! I am responsible for my motivation. However, that’s the answer I always want to hear.


Its extremely important to remember, that there’s been a reason why you were born in this world alone and you alone go to your grave. It is because YOU are responsible for the life you lead and also responsible for the decisions you take. You allow people and circumstances to make an impact on you – how significant or insignificant that impact will be is your own will.


Here are some quick tips to help you find that motivation in life that will assist you in living your life to the fullest:


  1. Always be ready to anticipate the unanticipated when you are planning. Whatever can go wrong, will go wrong and you will have to face it to get past it and achieve your goal. The more you remember this, the lesser time you will waste when something unwanted happens. You will spend lesser time venting out and whining about how everything fails. The quicker you get back up on your feet – the quicker you will get to the finish line.
  2. The strongest message I can give you to remember is believing in yourself. When you feel like you need something or someone to believe in to get you to do something, start with yourself. No one else will do this for you and no one else will care for you – of you don’t do it for yourself. The stronger you have faith in your abilities – the higher the probability for you to achieve the challenges life throws at you.
  3. While I tell people all the time to keep their chin up and believe in themselves – I also almost always tell them to Keep Realistic goals to achieve. If you’ve not been a believer of yourself, motivation and positivity – then its extremely important that you start doing this now. Do not aim too high, do not aim too low – know your strengths and weaknesses, KNOW YOURSELF and then plan your goals. Giving yourself failure purposely will not help you and will keep you demotivated about life.
  4. A lot of times when you are loud about who you are and what you believe in, you make an image of yourself infront of other people. When you keep repeating this act – it becomes a habit and then it becomes a part of who you are. Similarly, if youre starting to believe in yourself, starting to believe in living positively and you’ve set goals for yourself – then its time to come out of the closet and embrace the new you in front of everyone else too. Once you’ve gone public with the new you – it will become very difficult to go back on your own word.
  5. Friends and family are important. If you were born without a family, you can make friends. A support system has to be there if you want to be successful. Life has its ups and down and it becomes very difficult to survive if you cannot speak about it to someone. Sharing is caring – remember? You need that soft cushion to fall back on – because everyone deserves a break now and then.
  6. YOU are important. Always remember that. This should be the foundation of everything else. If you are happy, its likely that you will make others happy. Make yourself a priority.
  7. Keep renovating yourself and your life style. Do new things and experiment. Break out of the routine sometimes to enjoy the uncertainty that life has to offer.
  8. When you are experimenting, remember to learn the new things life experiences may offer you. Never back down on an opportunity to learn – because learning means you are nurturing yourself.
  9. It is so important to remember that valuing materialistic things in life will never give you peace or happiness. You may have materialistic goals but eventually those are not the things that will make you happy. Cosmetic, artificial and superficial things come with expiry dates and you soon lose their importance in life. Vest your interest in things that may give you long term goals and help you find a deeper meaning in life.


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