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Business Strategy and BPR Support

Evaluating your business processes and wondering how to make them more efficient? Struggling with strategizing your business for better productivity? Mushawar Consulting can help develop improved business processes, and add value to your business strategy.

Talent Acquisition & Recruitment

Helping organizations recruit the right people at the right time from our Global Talent Pool. We specialize in ICT Recruitment and Senior Management Positions. Mushawar Consulting can help you recruit for multiple positions across the globe.

Business Box: HR, Marketing and BD Support

Mushawar Consulting provides support to several clients in Business Development, Human Resources, Technology, Branding and Marketing to startups and small businesses.
With our subscription box services, you can avail business and operational support while you focus on your CORE BUSINESS!

Redesign your HR Policies, Business Processes or Use IT Enablers

Who are we

Mushawar Consulting is a full spectrum business strategy, HR services, and Information Technology consultancy firm. We take pride in providing comprehensive and complete business consulting solutions to small, medium and large enterprises.

  • Policy, SOP, Manuals Development
  • Process Redesign
  • Process Development
  • IT Vendor Evaluations
  • IT Product Evaluations
  • IT Project Management
  • HR Processes Implementation
  • Corporate Strategy Redesign
  • Business Outsourcing Solutions

Our Skills

Project Management
HR Solutions
Process Redesign
Corporate Strategy
Business Outsourcing Solutions
IT Product Evaluations
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What our client say

It has almost been a year since I started working with her. She gives a profound meaning to the word Manager; she protects the people under her at the same time gives hard time, so that nobody roams free gossiping around.
She defines a boundary for everyone; work means work fun means fun. Treats everyone equally, personally checks with everyone for any problems and I can keep going on and on and on…..

Muhammad rafay Software Engineer

The best way to compliment her is that she never lets an employee working for her company stay unsatisfied, regardless of the circumstances! Doing that in an organization with 200 employees seems almost impossible but that’s why she, I believe, is one of the best at what she does!

Seeing her work, I know one day she will make it really big! Having an HR Manager like her, makes everything so easy. Not only for the employees but also for the company

Shaheer Usmani Digital Marketing Manager, Emirates Airlines

Just a few days back, I start working with Maheen. Young enough to know she can, I found her to be consistently pleasant, tackling all assignments with dedication and a smile. Besides being a joy to work with, Maheen is a take-charge person who is able to present creative ideas and communicate the benefits. She has successfully developed several plans for the Wavetec company that have resulted in good progress so far.
Maheen is also extraordinarily helpful in other areas of the company. She is highly motivated and focused Individual with exceptional leadership and managerial skills. Maheen is an efficient and admirable asset in giving solid recommendations. She has climbed up the career ladder earlier than the lot because of her key HR skills and approach towards work. I have found her to face challenges at work with enthusiasm and attaining their resolution with a sensible approach. Her advanced vision has always helped her to look at a situation with different perspectives and then come to the right conclusion.
Along with her excellent attitude towards work, Maheen Baber is also a great team player. Maheen thinks she will going to be an H.R super heroine, but for me she is. Go, win the HR.

Talha Aslam Account Manager | Business Development | Business Analyst | Service Delivery

Maheen is one of those Managers who knows that how to lead a team in all situations, she is not only effective but efficient as well.
She is a very friendly and dedicated Manager that every organization will want to have one in their company.

Shayan Mughal Senior HR Officer - Corporate

Maheen is a person with exceptional skills in the area of HR Management. She has the ability to stay positive and deliver to difficult times. A promising professional with good communication and human resource management skills. I wish him success in her life

Saad Ahmed Senior SharePoint Consultant at Dr. Sulaiman Al-Habib Medical Group

A thorough HR Professional, an expert Manager , and an amazing motivational spirit combines to make Maheen Baber. She has this unique capability to balance relationships professionally as well as personally which adds to her competencies. Her lively nature, team management, administrative capabilities and desire to outperform made our short association an experience to remmember.

She’s well equipped with all the skills needed to be a great leader and I am sure she’ll make it to the Zenith one day.

Atika Imtiaz Corporate Learning & Development Manager at Abudawood Pakistan

I have worked with Maheen and have found her to be a motivated professional who excelled in her job. She is fun-loving, likable, enthusiastic, and trustworthy. Maheen is highly respected by her co-workers for her willingness to help anyone anytime she can. It was a joy to work with her.

Waqar majeed Ghouri Team Leader Geosciences at United Energy Pakistan

Maheen has been with HR department after joining New Horizon Exploration & Production Ltd. She has proved herself as a competent executive and knowledgeable in her domain. She efficiently manage the assigned tasks in professional as well as time effective manner. Maheen is a hard worker and a good planner. She is also a good team member when working with other departments by providing her best support to them.

Syed Muhammad Raza Zaidi Senior Geophysicist at MOL Group

Ms Maheen is self motivated, highly efficient team worker, highly recommended to work in varied work environments, great planner. Dedication to seeing a job through on time and successful completion can only be called outstanding.
She has quality to manage tasks in most professional way and above all I found her willing to work on new resource and skill building projects always.

Ghulam Nabi Agha Deputy Chief Engineer- Drilling at Pakistan Petroleum Limited

I know Maheen since my job Interview at NHEPL and till today I found her a Co-operative, meticulous and amiable HRA Executive. She has phenomenal presentational and interpersonal skills. Maheen is highly respected by her co-workers for her willingness to help anyone anytime she can. I wish her all the best for future challenges

Muhammad Yawar Administrator - Information Technology

I feel honored to write a recommendation for Maheen Babar. She is known to me for the last three years. We have worked together on some assignments and found her true professional committed to her work and remained always focused on the work assigned to her. She is very sharp, hardworking, result oriented, clear headed person and a team player.

I recommend her valuable asset for any company.

Naseer Anjam Senior Legal Counsel at KUFPEC

Maheen is a good, cooperative, dynamic HRA executive at New Horizon Exploration and Production Ltd. I have been working with Maheen Sine 2010. She has a very professional attitude. She always helps me for any kind of problem. She has conducted successful HRA and Management trainings.

Nasrullah Talpur Procurement Officer at Pakistan Petroleum Limited

I contacted Mushawar Consulting for a webinar for Wings to Women Facebook community. Maheen was very kind to make time in her busy schedule that too on a weekend. Maheen kept it very realistic by opening the webinar with her own journey to Mushawar consulting, I think most women entrepreneurs could relate to their success. Her knowledge on the topic was very thorough. She was extremely punctual. Detail oriented. Very polite to all the queries at hand. It is so impressive to see women entrepreneurs like Maheen and Noor to think beyond a 9-5 job, and do what they are most passionate about, not many have the courage to follow their dreams.
Lots of best wishes for your future endeavors.

Sehrish Dogar Marketing Finance Officer at Tapal Tea Pvt Ltd
It has been a pleasure working under Noor Jehan’s guidance. She has the tendency to carry different roles according to the needs of her team. She has been a superb mentor, a friend in need, an adviser when one needs guidance, a trainer to transfer the skills she possesses and a manager who knows what her team members are capable of. Though she is super efficient in organizing her and her team’s work, yet, she possesses a dynamic nature to accommodate special assignments in an already hectic work environment.
Yasir Ansari Microsoft Dynamics AX Functional Consultant at Systems Limited

I’ve get to know NoorJehan Arif from a very interactive Facebook Group. She wrote an amazing guest post for my online magazine called Dopezine which is growing everyday. NoorJehan’s expertise in business strategy and IT consulting, was a great asset to write an article about a technology topic whereas she has knowledge for more than 6 years.
As an entrepreneur she has worked for Systems Limited, one of the largest software consulting companies in Pakistan and has co-founded her own business consulting company, Mushawar Consulting.
I am very happy that I had a chance to work with an ambitious and energetic businesswoman such as she. It’s my pleasure to recommend NoorJehan to work with any related consulting and technology sector.

Andrra Sylqe Assistant Project Manager | GlobalGirlMedia Bureau / KosovaLive

Mushawar consulting is a group organized by awesome individuals who know actually what the real market is about. They guide people by conducting trainings as per peoples’ interest.

They also create awareness for different job opportunities which is facilitating for job seekers and employers as well. It also help enterprenauers to polish their businesses and skills.
All the best to Mushawar. Keep up

Ahmed Al Manzar Technical Consultant AX/Senior Software Engineer at Systems Limited

Inspirational and managed team, they are truly passionate about their dreams.

Fahad Aslam Techical Project Lead

I have worked with NoorJehan for some time before I moved to Qatar. Working with her has been amazing, as I have come to understand how professional she is with her work and her colleagues. She is a great friend and adviser when needed, and a sound manager and leader for her team. I have known NoorJehan to be dynamic in her work; she learns what she doesn’t know, and she applies her knowledge and things that she has learnt. Over time, I have realized that she is dedicated and focused, and her skillset is impeccable. I highly recommend her for any projects and assignments that you’re considering

Saad Abdul Rehman Senior Consultant - Dynamics AX at TechVista Systems Qatar

Mushawar consulting is not just like other consultants treating you like a client, they treat you like their own.
If you really want yourself along with your business to grow, contact Maheen Noor from Mushawar as she is the best option available in this industry 🙂
She will definitely help you in enhancing your skills and making you an expert in your field 😉
Best of luck to team Mushawar.. You guys are doing a great job

Shayan Mughal HR Officer, IBEX Global

The team at Mushawar Consulting is a valuable asset to any organization looking for HR expertise, guidance and support. I have worked with the team while working at Liberty Books. They have helped with everything from writing employee manual to finding new employees. Maheen is 100% straight forward, professional, knowledgeable and direct in her approach. She literally helped us through planning process, assessed the situations and advised on different directions to take based on scenarios. I highly recommend Mushawar Consulting if you are looking for a strategic partner.

Elham Taufiq Marketing Manager, Liberty Books